Nov 2017

Daqin screen protector film software Ver2018

Posted on Nov 2017

Daqin screen protector film software have new version now!  It can use online update!  Go to below web download 

May 2017

New fuctions of mobile phone beauty master Ver2017

Posted on May 2017 update the template online by the software , don't need download the upgrade file in the future.3.can direct input and cut text in the software.2.update new background, add more than 1000 pictures.4.You can fine tune data and picture locations by left key, right key, up key, down key.5.will not dislocation when you romote the pic and data at...

May 2017

How to update 3D DAQIN mobile beauty master online?

Posted on May 2017

Still worry about waiting to update file ?update online from now .click here