Apr 2021

IDskin Upgrade Notice 20210425

Posted on Apr 2021

Dear customers:New version for IDSKIN is available!Please upgrade when the machine is not working or idle. because it takes some time to upgrade. After upgrading, you must fill in this form and send it to our technology as soon as possible, only after our technology helps you add platform currency in the updated IDskin software, then...

May 2020

Daqin Mobile Beauty & Laptop Masters ver.2020 Upgrade News

Posted on May 2020

To users           Daqin Mobile Beauty Masters ver.2020 has been released, The old version of software will not update from June,  To ensure your software working correctly .  all users need...

Nov 2017

Daqin screen protector film software Ver2018

Posted on Nov 2017

Daqin screen protector film software have new version now!  It can use online update!  Go to below web download